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Advanced Facilities Of Aakash Global School

  • CCTV Camera covered .
  • Air-conditioned classes.
  • Smart classes.
  • Personality grooming workshops.
  • Outside Visits to make learning more productive.
  • No Visitors allowed in the Playgroup section.
  • Highly qualified and Experienced Teaching staff.
  • English is mandate both for Teachers and Students.
  • Safety is the first priority which includes
    (Cyber safety, General safety, Fire safety, Electrical and infrastructural safety).

Our School Facilities

Aakash global school is English Medium School in India and backed by advance technologies in education field for your children to help them in their growth, learning and socializing.

Activity Rooms

The activity rooms are designed to make learning more fun and exciting. Students love this room as it has many toys and educational games.


The school has a well-equipped and cheerful clinic with a qualified nurse who takes care of the health and wellbeing of our students.

Play Area

Encouraging physical activity, the school has sand and water play areas that provide a safe and secure environment for fun filled activities for Aakash global school students.

Multimedia Centers

PowerPoint presentations and overhead projectors are used as teaching aids. These ICT facilities enable to create a sense of interest in students as they see and learn.

Why Choose Aakash Global School

We have a well-equipped range of facilities and resources for all students from PRE- nursery to UKG to help them achieve a well-rounded education in a child-friendly atmosphere. It is our vision that each student enjoys their years of education and reach their full potential.

Research Center

The Centre provides opportunities to actively develop investigation skills that enable students to research, collate, apply, analyze and synthesize information.

Knowledge Park Rooms

The newly designed traffic park is aimed at children learning through purposeful play. It enables the children to learn the traffic rules in a safe and friendly environment.

Music & Dance Rooms

Music and Dance is an integral part of the curriculum. We have well-equipped music and dance rooms where students are encouraged to discover and develop their talents.

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Smart Class Rooms

Aakash Global School have a Smart Classes is the solution consists of HD education content, which is a combination of 3D/2D, intractive content.

Library & Reading Rooms

Aakash Global School have a library of their own to browse through and read books of their choice. The library is well stocked with a variety of books covering a variety of subjects.

Digital Theater Room

Aakash Global School have Digital Theater Rooms for children where the can dance communicate ideas through movement and expression and is a creative art form.

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